Texans vs Eagles

Texans vs Eagles Live: After an unexpected victory over Los Angeles Rams last week, the Philadelphia Eagles returned home to keep their hopes for the playoffs. It is not easy to beat Houston Texas. The Texans did not accidentally win 10 games.

Texans vs Eagles Live

But don’t you think that the Eagles have something special? Did you not experience the shock of the 2017 season last week? Nick Falls influences this in the center. But in fact, other team members really strengthened it. The hawks may need another game against Houston.

Soon we will see if last week’s efforts will be a sign of future development or is it just the last point of the radar. This will be decided in the trenches. The Hawks’ offensive line will have to deal with a pair of special pass impacters in J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney and the Texans’ offensive line will have to deal with several of the Hawks’ beautiful destructive linebackers, especially Fletcher Cox and Michael Bennett.

For me, the edge went to the Hawks. After an unstable start, their O line has been much better. The Hawks won 26 sacks in the first eight games, but only 10 in the last six games.

This year’s O-line of Texas has made an astonishing 52 kills, including 19 of the last four games. The Texans have weapons and talented young QBs, but if the Hawks can control the line, they won’t lose the game. And I think they will control these two lines.

I think this is far from being a dunk, and the Texas team is a pretty good team, but I think the Hawks will win this weekend. I think their offensive and defensive lineup will need to be like the rams last week. If this is the case, the Hawks should be able to do enough to win the game.

The Texans have some extraordinary players who are very difficult to stop. On the defensive end, Watt and Kovini are terrible. On the offensive end, Dean Del Hopkins is probably the best receiver in the league. But in general, I think the Hawks will be able to slip out of Linc in a triumphant way.

If the Hawks have taught us anything about the amazing victory of the Rams, then always expect this team to be unexpected. Now this is Houston. The Texans are currently two seeds of the AFC. They have a vibrant young QB at Deshaun Watson. He completed less than 68% of the passes and threw 24 touchdowns, only 9 INTs. His passer scored 103.2.

Moreover, Watson, who is footed, can kill defense with his legs. Watson’s favorite goal is one of the most dangerous goals in Hopkins’ game, with more than 1,300 yards and 11 TD catches. He has 21 yards and 20 yards or more. Into his acrobatic drama, he added a new dimension that is difficult to cover.

Houston ranks sixth in the league, but the game has been stagnant in recent weeks. On the defensive side, the Texans have the talent of forwards and guards, led by De Watt (141⁄2) and OLB Clowney (8 kills). Although Houston’s defense is vulnerable in the air (allowing 258.3 yards to pass, ranking 26th), it is an opportunist, ranking sixth in 24 games, including 13 INTs.

This is the performance of Nick Falls this week, and his troops are ready to assemble around him. Trying to build a running game against the Texas defense, giving up only 88.3 yards per game would be a huge challenge. When Foles is on the court, delivering wealth quickly is the best way to get Houston to follow. Birds have already passed this road of victory before they know what they need. Texas people don’t have an environment like Linc. When the birds want to win another victory, the ski mask will go all out. The Texans will fall into the nest.

The Texas team has won 10 games in the past 11 games, but they have been underperforming for the past two weeks. They lost to Indianapolis (24-21) at home and they barely surpassed the Jets (29-22) last Sunday. They are currently the second seed of the AFC, but they don’t play like this. O-line is crashing, Watson is getting cream (52 ​​kills, mostly in the league).

Texas people also have injuries. Runner Lamar Miller and stud relay Hopkins were injured in the ankle of the Jets. This week they are limited in practice, although they are expected to play on Sunday, but they are not 100%, which is good news for the Hawks defense. Hopkins (94 catches, 11 touchdowns) is as good as any catcher in the league.

Very well, the Hawks created a shrine for Foles, but the candle alone would not slow down the sprints of Watt, Clowney and other Houston passages (39 kills). The mission fell to the front of the players, but if they can neutralize Watt, Clooney and the company, and their Sunday Rams (no dismissal), Fowles can rank 26th in the US national football team. Houston’s passing defense caused serious damage. .

This time, I didn’t feel the Foles magic. He is not so good for the Rams, their definition is “not ready to play.” With the first round of the playoffs, the Texans should be able to match the strength of the Hawks.

Last week’s biggest pass was a serious missed pass, and his own catcher wasn’t sure what it meant, under a very bad cover. Jared Gove also provided the Hawks with an offensive position on the Rams’ 12 yards.

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